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Welcome to Premier Mezzanines!

So, you’re probably here because you are thinking about installing a Mezzanine Floor into your premises.

Great news, you are in the right place!

Our Story

For too long the Mezzanine Floor industry had been a rather boring place to be.

It had been filled with stuffy technical jargon due to an engineering led approach and less than average client service.

After speaking with businesses throughout the South West and South Wales. We found that there was an extensive requirement for a new breed of Mezzanine supplier.

One that was client focused and was willing to work with the client to assist in the growth of their business by providing tailored solutions.

And Premier Mezzanines was born!

We have supplied and installed Mezzanines Floors at our parent company for a considerable time, with our team having over 30+ years’ experience. However, our directors knew that to provide the level of service we aspire to, a standalone business needed to be formed.

By establishing this standalone business, we have enabled our specialist team to focus solely on what they do best – Mezzanine Floors.

Our Mission

Our mission at Premier Mezzanines is to provide Mezzanines Floors that fulfil our client’s requirements to their fullest potential; whilst providing outstanding client service in every way, from beginning to end.

About Premier Mezzanines


At Premier, we operate our business through a set of core values. These are the foundations of our mission.


We have strong moral principles

Commitment to clients

Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance


Never over complicate something that is simple


Nothing but the best will suffice

Our team have…


years of experience





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