Are you considering adding a mezzanine floor to your commercial space? Do you need clarification on what’s involved and what it may cost? Premier Mezzanines have you covered. Our new Mezzanine Floor Calculator is a handy tool that removes the guesswork of your mezzanine floor costs.

Use our calculator to determine a budget for your new Mezzanine Floor.

What is a mezzanine floor cost calculator?

This online tool helps determine the cost of installing your mezzanine floor. It considers several factors, such as the size and height required, the type of mezzanine and loading required, as well as any accessories or other requirements. With this comprehensive information, you get an estimate for our project.

Use the above form to receive a mezzanine cost estimate. Our experts will review each submission and aim to provide a budget quotation within 24 hours. If you move forward, you will receive a free, no-obligation survey to confirm your requirements. We will contact you should we need extra information to provide your quotation.

Just fill in the form and click ‘Submit’, and you will receive your non obligation quotation in due course. Premier Mezzanines aims to provide a budget quotation within 24 hours when submitted Monday-Friday.

What information is needed to use this mezzanine cost calculator?

Fill in the form as well as possible; don’t worry if you make a mistake. We will send you your bespoke mezzanine estimate and check back with you.

You will need to know what size you want your mezzanine (approx. length, width and height measurements in meters). You will also need to consider the load-bearing capacity for the floor.

A Mezzanine Floor can come in almost any shape and size, so it is essential to determine which type will best suit your purposes.

Light Storage (350Kgs/m2)
Medium Storage (480Kgs/m2)
Heavy Storage (720Kgs/m2)
Office (350Kgs/m2)
Retail (480Kgs/m2)
Production (720Kgs/m2)

Our team will ideally also be provided with handrail, staircase and pallet gate information. But if you are unsure of these, don’t worry. Our team can assist with a follow-up email or call.

What factors impact the cost of mezzanine floors?

Many factors impact the estimate:

Dimensions: A larger mezzanine will typically be more costly than a smaller one.

Load Capacity: The higher the load, the larger the steel and cost.

Complexity: A standard grid span mezzanine will always be more cost effective but not necessarily suited to project needs. Should complex column positions be needed or large spans included in design, costs will increase.

Other requirements: Should the mezzanine require fire rating or an office above, costs will increase.


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