Do mezzanine floors require Building Regulations Approval?

    Yes, all mezzanine floors legally require Building Regulations Approval. Premier Mezzanines can advise on all aspects of current legislation and can also handle the Building Regulations process on your behalf.

    Can we install the mezzanine floor before Building Regulations Approval has been granted?

    Yes, we can commence works after 48 hours from the initial Building Regulations Application.

    Do I need to obtain my Landlord’s permission?

    In most cases you will need to inform your Landlord of the proposed changes, to make sure you comply with the terms and conditions of your lease, if this is a condition.

    How long does a standard mezzanine floor take from order to installation?

    The whole process normally takes 4-6 weeks depending on the Mezzanine Floor size.

    Will the mezzanine floor need to be fire protected?

    The answer is yes if any of the following apply:

    if the mezzanine is used for offices, or has people permanently working on the mezzanine.

    if the mezzanine takes up more than 50% of the building space that it is within.

    if the mezzanine is more than 20 metres in either direction.

    If the building is fitted with a sprinkler system which can be extended to the underside of the mezzanine, then the mezzanine will not have to be fire protected

    Will I need a protected escape route?

    A fire rated stair enclosure is sometimes required for Office Mezzanine Floors and large Mezzanines with personnel working on them to comply with Building Regulations.

    What type of floor decking is used?

    Typically, 38mm thick high-density flooring grade chipboard is used for an internal Mezzanine Floor. Steel chequer plate can be used if the floor is to be exposed to liquids. External floors should be galvanised steel chequer plate or galvanised steel open mesh to prevent rotting and rusting in the weather.

    What is the Load Capacity required?

    As per BRE Digest 437 – Mezzanine Floor Design, recommended load capacities are as follows:

    Office use / Light Storage – 3.5kn/m2 UDL (350 kgs / m2)

    General Storage Use – 4.8kn/m2 UDL (480 kgs / m2)

    Heavy Storage – 7.2kn/m2 UDL (720 kgs / m2)

    Please consult us for heavier load requirements.

    What will be the disruption and impact on my business during the Mezzanine Floor Installation?

    Through good planning we can minimalise the impact of installation to your business. The area where the Mezzanine Floor is to be erected, will need to be cordoned off during the installation to comply with Health & Safety procedures to ensure your staff are not at risk during the construction. The area will need to be as clear as possible with unrestricted access for our installation team. Our team can also assist you in setting up some temporary areas of work for your staff should you require them.