Mezzanine Floor FAQs


A mezzanine floor pays for itself in a very short period of time when you compare the cost of installing it with the costs of moving to a larger unit or premises. You can quickly increase your workspace, without causing too much disruption to your business. In order to ensure that you comply with the landlord’s terms and conditions, you may need to inform them of the proposed changes. Whether it is a Building and Fire Safety Regulations, Premier Mezzanines can assist you.

Our team has compiled a list of the most common questions asked by our customers:

What is a mezzanine floor? A definition

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate level, between the ground floor and the roof of a building.

What is a mezzanine floor used for?

Careful attention has to be given to the layout, design, and positioning of mezzanine floors in order to serve a specific and clearly defined purpose. As well as providing extra storage space, mezzanine flooring can be used for manufacturing, distribution, office space, and retail expansion.

Are mezzanine floors subject to business rates?

In general, mezzanine floors that are only used for storage or warehouse purposes tend not to attract an increased rate. Sometimes, if the new floor is used as office space, it will however compared to moving into a new unit or additional storage, mezzanine floors are generally much less expensive than moving.

Do I need building regulations before I start my mezzanine floor?

A building regulation approval is required for all mezzanine floors. The experts at Premier Mezzanines can advise you about all current laws and regulations and handle the Building Regulations process on your behalf.

Can the mezzanine floor be installed before building regulations are approved?

Yes, we can commence works after 48 hours from the initial Building Regulations Application.

Can I install a mezzanine floor without obtaining permission from my landlord?

If this is a requirement of your lease, then you will need to notify your Landlord before changing anything. The mezzanine flooring designs drawings are something you should share with them, along with building approval.

What are the typical installation times for a mezzanine floor?

The whole process normally takes 4-6 weeks depending on the Mezzanine Floor size.

Does my mezzanine floor need to be fire protected?

The answer is yes if any of the following apply:

Any of the following will indicate a yes answer: 

if the mezzanine is used as an office or has permanent occupants.

if over 50% of a building’s space is encompassed by the mezzanine.

if the mezzanine extends more than 20 meters in either direction.

When the building has a sprinkler system that can extend below the mezzanine level, fire protection will not be required for the mezzanine

Does my mezzanine floor need a protected escape route?

A fire rated stair enclosure is sometimes required for Office Mezzanine Floors and large Mezzanines with personnel working on them to comply with Building Regulations.

What type of decking is used on my mezzanine floor?

For an internal mezzanine floor, 38mm thick high-density chipboard is typically used. If the floor will be exposed to liquids, a steel chequer plate can be used. To prevent rotting and rusting, external floors should be made of galvanized steel chequer plate or galvanized steel open mesh.

How much load capacity is required on my mezzanine floor?

In line with the recommendations in BRE Digest 437 – Mezzanine Floor Design, the recommended load capacities are as follows:

Office use / Light Storage – 3.5kn/m2 UDL (350 kgs / m2)
General Storage Use – 4.8kn/m2 UDL (480 kgs / m2)
Heavy Storage – 7.2kn/m2 UDL (720 kgs / m2)

Please consult us for heavier load requirements.

During the installation of my mezzanine floor, how will it impact my business?

We will plan for the installation so that the impact on your business is minimised. In accordance with Health and Safety procedures, the installation area must be cordoned off during installation to keep your staff safe. Ideally, the area should be as clear as possible, with unrestricted access for our installation team. Should you require temporary work areas for your staff, our team can assist you.

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