Building Regulations & Legislation

Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations

Mezzanine Floor Building Regulations

All Mezzanine Floors generally require a Building Regulations Application to be submitted for approval.

Our experienced project managers will advise on every aspect of the legal requirements to satisfy the regulations for Mezzanine Floors in any type of environment.

We can either provide you with the necessary drawings and structural calculations to include with your own submission, or we can handle the whole process on your behalf and submit a Building Regulations application through our approved inspector.

Aspects to typically consider include:

  • Travel Distance and safe exit from the Mezzanine Floor to fire exits
  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Load capacity
  • Emergency lighting
  • Signage
  • Smoke detection


There is a legal requirement under BS EN 1090 for all Mezzanine Floor steelwork to carry a UKCA mark.

Structures that do not carry a UKCA Mark may be unsafe and uninsurable against failure.

It is therefore imperative that when choosing your Mezzanine Floor Supplier, you check that they are supplying UKCA marked steelwork.

We are pleased to confirm that all Mezzanine Floors supplied by Premier Mezzanines have UKCA certification in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1090.

Maintenance Inspections

Mezzanine Floors should be inspected on a regular basis to comply with the ‘Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998’.

At Premier Mezzanines we recommend the following inspection plan:

  • Regular Inspections – These should be carried out based on the level of use and risk assessed by the owner of the Mezzanine Floor. We would recommend that a regular inspection is carried out at least quarterly and certainly after any incident involving the structure. Premier Mezzanines can provide you with inspection sheets to follow as a guide to assist with such inspections. These can be carried out by anyone the owner deems competent.
  • Annual Inspections – Annual Inspections should be undertaken by a competent person who has a good level of experience in Mezzanine Floors. Premier Mezzanines surveyors can provide this annual inspection for a small fee.
  • Structural Appraisal – A full structural appraisal should be undertaken every three years. This should be undertaken by a structural engineer who does not undertake the Annual Inspections.

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