Ionic Systems

Ionic Systems, a cleaning system manufacturing company, faced a lack of space in their current facility.

Premier Mezzanines suggested installing a mezzanine floor for storage to free up valuable space below for production. The challenge was the existing steel fabricated building, but the project was completed within a tight 6-week deadline to minimize disruption to manufacturing.

Ionic Systems Mezzanine Top
Ionic Systems Underneath Storage Mezzanine
Ionic Systems Mezzanine Stairs
Ionic Systems
Cleaning Manufacturer
Storage Above Specialised Production Booth
Swindon, Wiltshire

Storage Mezzanine Floor Swindon for Ionic Systems

Ionic Systems, a cleaning system manufacturing company, who have been operating out of Wiltshire for over 25 years came to Premier Mezzanines with a very familiar problem. The company was running out of space in their current facility but didn’t want the mammoth task of relocating due to a number of factors. Premier Mezzanines suggested the installation of a mezzanine floor, thereby maximising vertical space without compromising operational efficiency. This solution was a perfect fit for Ionic Systems as they would use the mezzanine floor for storage therefore freeing up valuable space below for production therefore improving workflow and efficiency.

The unique challenge with this project was the existing steel fabricated building that the mezzanine floor needed to be constructed over. Design difficulties came first, with the specific caveat that the mezzanine floor steel work spans had to be placed in a way which factored in the lack of available space for columns to be built within the area the room occupied.

Installation was the next issue the stage where the pre-existing room created an issue. A great deal of care, attention and fore thought had to go into the planning of manoeuvres, especially when it came to troubleshooting how the steels would be lifted into position above this room, in a safe manor to allow the construction of the floor.

The entire project needed to be completed to a tight deadline to minimise disruption to manufacturing. From quote to installation the total timescale couldn’t exceed 6 weeks. This target was met, and Premier Mezzanines completed the job and handed it over to another
happy client.