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Mezzanine Floor Fire Rating

Mezzanine Floor Fire Rating is required to be installed in several circumstances and it is important to ensure that you uphold your obligations under the building regulations.

You are required to install Fire Rating to a Mezzanine Floor when any of the following applies:

The Mezzanine is to be used for anything else besides storage, where people will consistently work or be on the platform. For example, Office, Production or Retail.

The Mezzanine is greater than 20 metres in any direction.

The Mezzanine exceeds 50% or more of the space where it is installed.

Mezzanine Floor Fire Rated Columns
Mezzanine Floor Fire Rated Ceiling

Mezzanine Floor Fire Rating

Fire Rated Suspended Ceilings

Fire Rated Column Casings

Fire Rated Fascia

Fire Rated Partitions

Fire Rating Turnkey Solution

Fire Rating your Mezzanine

On initial survey we will confirm whether your mezzanine will require Fire Rating.

Our surveyor will talk you through the options available and recommend a Fire rating solution to best suit your requirements.

Through our parent company, who specialises in commercial interiors, Premier can offer Mezzanine Floor Fire Rating at very competitive rates.

Where we believe Fire Rating is required, Premier will quote for these works.

Mezzanine Floor Fire Rated Fascia


Not sure if your Mezzanine will need Fire Rating? Don’t worry, our surveyor will confirm at survey whether your Mezzanine Floor requires Fire Rating.


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