Pallet Gates Installation Quedgeley, Gloucestershire

Gardiner Bros.

Gardiners faced a unique issue when their new storage trollies didn’t fit under their existing safety pallet gates. Premier Mezzanines provided a solution by installing swing gates and safety gates, allowing for the safe loading of trollies onto the mezzanine.

The installation of three new swing gates and the movement of the original three gates took two days, with minimal disruption to Gardiners’ warehouse operations.

Gardiner Bros Swing Gate
Gardiner Bros Pallet Gate Quedgeley
Gardiner Bros Swing Gate
Gardiner Bros.
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Movement and Installation of Pallet Gates
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Quedgeley, GLOUCESTErshire

Pallet Gates Installation in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire for Gardiner Bros.

Established in 1860 and being the UK’s leading distributor of global footwear and workwear brands to the retail trade, Gardiners, based in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire have warehouse logistics at the forefront of their operations. With crucial deadlines to meet warehouse efficiency is key to their business so when Gardiner Bros encountered a problem with their trolley storage system it was paramount to get the issue sorted as soon as possible.

Gardiners came to Premier Mezzanines with a unique problem this being that their new storage trollies wouldn’t fit under their existing safety pallet gates therefore severely hampering their logistical options. Premier Mezzanines initial solution was to simply remove the current height restricting safety gates and install sprung swing gates instead which have no height restrictions so could facilitate both trollies and pallets. Looking into it further and doing their due diligence Premier Mezzanines realised this solution could throw up safety concerns when loading and unloading the pallets from the mezzanine floor therefore a new solution was required.

The new solution devised by Premier Mezzanines was to have both swing gates and safety gates and only use the swing gates for trollies not pallets. This would allow for safe loading of trollies onto the mezzanine whilst not compromising the safety of anyone trying to use the swing gates for pallets as they could use the safety gates.

To facilitate to addition of 3 new swing gates the original safety pallet gates needed to be moved which was the first step for Premier Mezzanines after agreeing the new layout with the client. The movement of the original 3 gates and the installation of the addition 3 gates was completed over 2 days to minimise disruption to the client’s warehouse therefore negating any loss of productivity for the client.

Need to move or install Pallet Gates in your Gloucestershire warehouse?

Premier Mezzanines can help! We installed swing and safety gates so Gardiners could safely load storage trollies onto their mezzanine floor.

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