The Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring for Your Retail Business

Need to expand your retail business, but don’t want to move? Why not add an additional level to your business with a retail mezzanine floor? Mezzanine floors are a cost effective way to expand retail floor space without relocating. They may also increase your building’s value and even increase sales by making intelligent design decisions.

Retail Mezzanines: What Are They?

A mezzanine floor is a semi-permanent higher level floor installed within a building. When used in retail, they are most typically deployed to provide extra retail space, storage, or other areas that support your sales activity. A retail mezzanine floor can be multi-tiered or single-tiered and may be accessed by stairs, lifts, or conveyors.

It’s costly and time-consuming to move into a bigger building or build an extension on an existing building. In contrast, a mezzanine floor can be erected in a matter of days and is relatively inexpensive.

How Can a Retail Mezzanine Help You?

When correctly designed a retail mezzanine can give you business the following benefits:

Increase Sales

Increase sales by displaying stock in the most effective manner‌ possible, or create more sales opportunities by displaying additional stock. Provide areas where customers can see or test your products, change the way your offerings are organised, differentiate between key departments, or add additional facilities like changing rooms. You may also implement ways to eliminate the wait around those all important till areas.

Enhance Customer Experience

Retail businesses rely on aesthetics to succeed, and mezzanine floors are sure to impress, elevating your space, relieving congested areas, and updating the design. Mezzanine floors can add an airy feel to your space, allowing customers to easily access key areas. Perhaps give your customers a pleasant spot to sit and relax, enhance your WCs, or even add a cafe. The longer your customers stay with you the more comfortable they become, and the more they spend.

Avoid Relocation Costs

Moving into a larger building or extending an existing one is expensive and time-consuming. A mezzanine flooring removes the need to relocate your business to a larger building at a greater expense. Along with the time and effort of organising, packing, and unpacking all of your business you can minimise downtime as mezzanines are relatively quick and cheap to install. The project will usually not require your business to close and it is possible to work through the night if required.

Avoid Losing Loyal Staff

If you move location you stand a greater chance of losing your existing staff, who may find the new location difficult to travel to. Imagine the cost of retraining key staff members, even if you can find people to fill these roles.

Avoid Losing Loyal Customers

Relocation also brings the potential loss of loyal customers who may no longer want or be able to travel to you. If your business is already in a great location already, don’t throw this away by moving.

Providing Mezzanine Space to Retail Outlets

Let us work with you to come up with the perfect mezzanine design for you, your customers, and your staff. We help you design the ideal retail mezzanine floor for your business. Throughout the design and construction process, our project manager will make sure that the mezzanine floor meets all of your expectations.

In a customer-facing environment like yours, our team understands that safety, functionality, and flawless good looks are essential. All building, fire and safety regulations are adhered to including UKCA accreditation and we offer ancillary products including glass partitions, steel handrails, and more.

We promise an efficient and fast installation that will minimise the impact on your business. Located in Bristol, we work throughout the South West and South Wales. To contact us, please call 0117 325 4515 or use our online calculator.