Pallet Gates for Mezzanine Floors! A Safe Affordable Solution

Pallet Gates for Mezzanine Floors! A Safe Affordable Solution

Pallet Gates for Mezzanine Floors are a widely used safe affordable solution to help ensure the loading and unloading of pallets and stock at different heights. In comparison with other solutions, like goods lifts, they are an affordable and effective solution.

Allowing your staff to avoid manual lifting and speeding up the transfer of pallets and stock. When not in use, Pallet Gates create a structural barrier that prevents objects and personnel from falling from heights, greatly reducing the chance of accidents and injury.

Pallet Gate Benefits

So what are the main benefits of pallet gates for your mezzanine floor?

Ensure the Safety of Your Employees

Pallet Gates help prevent mezzanine floor accidents ensuring employee safety. The Pallet Gate naturally creates a barrier between staff and the edge of the floor. This barrier helps prevent employees or objects from dropping from height onto the floor below. Pallet Gates also prevent hazardous manual handling, as staff no longer have to move heavy loads up and down staircases manually.

An Affordable Solution

Pallet Gates are significantly less expensive than equivalent options. While goods lifts and conveyor systems are available, they are much more expensive in comparison and are not often employed.

Durable and Lightweight

Pallet Gates are powder coated lightweight and made from steel which makes them extremely durable and effortless for your employees to use.

A Pallet Gate to Suit Your Needs

Pallet Gates can be ordered with horizontal or vertical openings, depending on the product size. In other words, we can find a Pallet Gate to suit your needs.

Low Maintenance

Pallet Gates are so simple in terms of their construction they generally require no further maintenance once installed, so no need for downtime due to failure.

Best Solution for Most Workspaces

Pallet Gates take up a smaller amount of space than goods lifts making them easy to install almost anywhere on your mezzanine.

Easy Installation

As already stated this product is lightweight. They are therefore easy and safe to install on-site.

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