Mezzanine Floor Types! 4 Different Applications 

When it comes to Mezzanine Floor Types! The main applications are divided into 4 categories, Office, Storage, Retail, and Production.

You’re starting to see growth in your business. However, the increased demand has caused its own set of problems. You need more space and don’t want the cost and inconvenience of moving. Mezzanine flooring is a raised steel structure allowing you to create an additional level of flooring that can be used for anything from storage and production to offices and retail. For businesses in need of more space, mezzanine floors are an effective and long-term solution, and the types and different applications are continually growing.

Mezzanine Floor Types! 4 Different Applications

This article outlines the many ways a Mezzanine Floor could transform your office or warehouse, and ultimately save you time, space, and money.

So what can a Mezzanine Floor be used for?

Storage Type Applications

Mezzanine storage floors are safe, raised areas where you can store items securely. Freeing up more space for production, logistics, and operations.

The ability to find adequate storage space is often a major problem within facilities. Mezzanine Floors offer complete flexibility allowing any combination of shelving, long span or block stacking.

The use of panel gates can facilitate the safe movement of goods between levels while ensuring the safety of operators working at the raised level. Whereas conveyor systems can move items where constant movement is required.

A mezzanine floor can increase the usable height of a warehouse in a cost-effective and practical way. Premier Mezzanines will ensure that the solution you choose works not just for now, but for your future as well. Find out how to maximise your storage space without moving on our Storage Mezzanines page.

Office Type Applications

Is your office running out of space? Finding it difficult to conduct formal business operations? Do you want to expand your business but don’t want to move to a new location? Mezzanine Floors can be used for contemporary offices, meeting rooms, and board rooms.

Mezzanines are becoming the most popular way to expand warehouses with offices and meeting rooms as they are significantly cheaper than solid-build alternatives. You may also design your office space according to your brand image, choose furnishings like carpets, windows, and doors, as well as attractive metal handrails.

Your office space can be transformed into a functional, attractive environment with a new mezzanine floor. Check out our page on Office Mezzanines to find out how to maximise your office space without moving.

Production Type Applications

A Mezzanine Floor can provide a solution for Manufacturing companies facing a key challenge in maximising production space without moving. For this reason, companies in the production and manufacturing industries are turning to mezzanine flooring. Depending on the type of machinery and equipment on the Mezzanine, steelwork or the column grid can be uprated, to conform to Building Regulations, withstand heavy loads, and endure the test of time.

With large numbers of employees on shift work and taking breaks walkways should allow travel with minimal disruption. As part of the briefing process, Premier Mezzanines considers your operational workflow to ensure the mezzanine is installed for maximum productivity. Visit our Production Mezzanines page for more information about maximising your production space without moving.

Retail Type Applications

It is difficult to locate a building that can accommodate all the needs of a retail outlet. Mezzanine floors are perfect for expanding the sales area, increasing shelf space, and increasing profits. Seamlessly integrated into your existing layout, they can be used for a variety of purposes, from storage to sales.

Your excess stock can be placed in the unused space above your head, giving you much more floor space below. This allows you to enhance your displays and give your customers space to browse, perhaps through a larger range of product lines.

Due to the semi-permanent nature of the mezzanine, they can be easily disassembled and reassembled if you ever move premises.

An experienced Mezzanine contractor can prevent disruption, complete the work quickly and keep the loss of earnings to a minimum. For more information about maximising your retail space without moving, visit our Retail Mezzanines page.

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