Mezzanine Floor Installers

Using our mezzanine floor installers means your mezzanine floor will be in safe hands. We have 30+ years of experience and over 500 completed commercial mezzanine projects. Based in Bristol we serve clients across the South West and South Wales.

Mezzanine Floor Installers

Your floor can be in place in a few days/weeks. All our floors are fully UKCA compliant using high-quality materials giving you safety, strength, and durability.

Our experienced team can help you select the right mezzanine for your building and needs and turn your unused vertical space into a production area, storage area, office, and more.

Installation Process

Premier Mezzanines will assign you a dedicated project manager. They will make initial contact, inform you of progress and schedule your installation. The Project Manager will be on site at set points throughout the project through to the final inspection. The Project Manager will take care of the job for you. For example, they will hire all equipment necessary for the project and ensure that it is off-hired once the work is completed.

Installation Time

Installation time will depend on the size and complexity of the floor. The installation will be completed within the timeframe agreed upon‌ ‌with‌ ‌your‌ ‌project‌ manager.

It is possible to conduct the installation outside of your business’ working hours in order to minimise disruptions. If you have a specific deadline, we will work with you to complete the project on time. We can complete the installation alongside your staff and will cordon off an area to ensure everyone is safe.

Installation Costs

The cost of mezzanine floors ranges from £75 to £150 per square meter. Get a price estimate using our cost calculator. Or contact our team on 0117 325 4515.

Post Installation

Alongside our installation services, we provide continual maintenance and safety services. We inspect your floor every 12 to 18 months as part of our service. These inspections ensure your Mezzanine remains compliant and strong.

Mezzanine Floor Installers Bristol, South West, and South Wales

We can arrange for one of our project managers to visit you at your site so you can discuss your needs in person. Working together, we can make sure your vision becomes a reality by examining your space and applying our expertise.

In addition to a free site survey, we offer a non-obligatory quote and computer-aided drafting plans as well. We are able to adapt the project to suit your budget and the nature of the job. Regardless of the size of your project, your dedicated project manager will manage the entire process from start to finish working closely with your local authority to ensure compliance with building and fire regulations. In this way, we ensure it runs smoothly and is completed on time and within budget.

During installation, we can work outside of hours or alongside your staff to minimize disruption during installation. For health and safety reasons, we would cordon off the area where the mezzanine floor will be installed. Alongside your new mezzanine floor, we can also install stairways, handrails, pallet gates, etc. as required all in compliance with British Standards.

We can also provide you with a variety of related services as well as help you locate third parties such as electricians and fire alarm providers if required.

Call 0117 325 4515 or contact Premier Mezzanines today to talk to one of our expert designers about your mezzanine floor project.