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Production Mezzanine Floor Bristol


Barrettine ​is a long-established company in Bristol with almost 140 years of experience in the chemical industry. To access two circular chemical tanks for a new production facility, a mezzanine platform was needed within a tight deadline.

Premier Mezzanines designed the structure around the chemical tanks to facilitate easy access. With an overall size of approximately 50m2, the whole structure was galvanized, including the main steel, columns, staircase, loading gate, and chequered plate flooring.

Barrettine Production Mezzanine Floor Bristol Access Platform
Barrettine Mezzanine Floor Galvanised Flooring
Barrettine Mezzanine Galvanised Chequer Plate

CLIENT: Barrettine

SECTOR: Chemical Industry

REQUIREMENT: Mezzanine Platform for Access

SERVICE PROVIDED: Production Mezzanine Floor


LOCATION: Industrial Unit, Bristol


Barretine Group has almost 140 years of expertise in the Chemical Industry and are a long-established business in Bristol.

When they came to us, there were tight deadlines to be met as their new production facility had to be fully operational by a certain date.

Their requirement for a mezzanine platform was to provide access to 2 large circular chemical tanks for a new production facility.

With that in mind, we designed the structure to be built around the chemical tanks which meant their space on the floor was maximised and access to the tanks was easily achievable.

The whole structure was galvanised, including main steels, columns, staircase, loading gate and chequer plate flooring with an overall size of approximately 50m².

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